Barel Melamine

What is Barel Melamine?

Barel Melamine is an organic plastic based on wood pulp. It’s produced under extremely high temperatures making it extremely durable and resistant to breakages.

Does Barel Melamine require drying or polishing?

No. Barel Melamine dries extremely quickly.

Is Barel Melamine Resistant to Staining?

Yes. Barel Melamine is extremely resistant to staining.

Is Barel Melamine Resistant to Fading?

Yes. Barel Melamine is extremely resistant to fading as the pantone colours are mixed with the raw melamine prior to production. We also protect each item with an organic protective coat to ensure your melamine will stay looking new for longer.

Is Barel Melamine suitable for the dishwasher?

Yes. Barel Melamine is designed, developed and tested for regular domestic and commercial dishwashers use.

What are the benefits of using BPA Free?

BPA stands for ‘bisphenol A’ – (an industrial chemical used to make plastics since the 1960’s. Exposure to BPA in food and drink present health risks to infants and children as it can cause damage to their prostate glands.

Is Barel Melamine BPA Free?

Yes. Barel Melamine is BPA Free and Certified.

I’m having trouble applying a voucher to my purchase.

Please call us at +61 2 9365 0873 or email us at [email protected]

Purchase & Delivery

Am I able to pick my item up?

No, we do not offer pick up service. However, for your nearest stockiest please contact us

Am I eligible for a bulk discount?

We offer industry rates for industries and also some discounts on larger purchases. Larger purchases are deemed to be over $1000 retail. If you are interested in making a larger purchase please contact us.

Can I exchange my item?

Items are exchanged at the discrepancy of Barel Designs. Customers are responsible for the items and colours that they select. If it appears there has been a mistake or there is something you should tell us please contact us so we can resolve this matter as soon as possible.

How long does delivery take?

Standard delivery is with Australia Post and usually takes between 1-5 business working days depending on location. Items are shipped from Sydney.

If I purchase multiple items am I eligible for the flat rate discount?

Yes. Regardless of how many items you purchase you will still be charged at the same flat rate.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is $9 Australia wide.